Entering Tips

There are three ways to enter gas prices into GasTips:

  1. Submit New Gas Prices
  2. image

    From the next page:


    Type the first few letters of the city name, and then select a city. 

    You can type part of the street name in and then select the full address from the drop down.  You can also use the magnifying glass to find the street address for all stations in the system, based on the city and vendor.

    Canadian Gas price format is ###.# (ie. 103.9) prices must be between 80 and 180 cents.
    American Gas price format is #.## (ie. 3.09) prices must be between 2 and 6 dollars.

  3. My Stations: New Tips

    Select “My Stations: New Tips” from the Submit Prices menu:
    You can use the tabs to select the fuel grades to add to your stations:


    Enter the prices and then click “Save Tips!”
  4. Browse To A Station
    Click on an address for a gas station anywhere that you see it on GasTips:
    Click the link labeled “enter gas prices for this gas station”
    Enter whatever fuel type prices you know, and click the “Save Tips”