Editing Gas Station List

Is there a way for users to edit the gas station database? For example, I wanted to change the brand of station from Gasrite to Cango but the best I could do was add a new Cango and flag the Gasrite for deletion (Dundas St W & Windermere in Toronto).

Looking forward to more improvements. Although gastips.com is the "incumbent" in Toronto (and Vancouver, probably), there are few posters here any more. I suspect many have migrated to the competition (who I won't mention here) as gastips stagnated over the years.

I wish the new management the best of luck!

p r n d l
Gee, never heard of Gasrite or Cango here in Victoria. The only non-majors we have are Co-Op & FastGas, oh yes, and of course the BIG price cutters, Costco, who use gasoline as a Cross Merchandising tool.. Who supplies gas to these Companies-- surely not a major?

We are currently in a gas war here, with prices going as low as 114,9 and then bouncing back up to 129.9. Its 132.+- in Vancouver, yet the gasoline has to be barged to The Island. You would think it would therefore be more expensive, not less.

To me, all the gasoline companies have lost their credibility ( at the corporate level --- not at the site level, of course.

Gas tips did a great job here for 5 years before the previous local owner allowed bogus posting, posting over other postings, and personal attacks to go unchecked.

I hope that our new owner monitors this situation carefully, and elliminates any bogus posters or postings.

I too wish the new Team good luck in their new business venture

Right now, the easiest thing to do is flagging the station for deletion. Administrators will review and then delete the stations. Eventually, I want this to be a permission that users get when they reach a certain number of points - but that functionality is not in the site yet.

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I just entered a number of prices for stations in Mission B.C. and they came up as being in Vancouver. How can I edit these entries? or delete them? This setup is so different than the previous system. I really don't get it.

When I loaded the database, I tried to clean up duplicate stations by using a google tool to find GPS locations. I think it might have messed up some of the locations. Send me an email of the gas stations that should be in Mission and I will fix them.

23K Administrator Moderator