Be Safe at the Pump!

Accidents happening at gas stations have always been a common occurrence. While people may have different opinions regarding the cause, the one thing that is certain is that some people simply do not seem to understand the risks.

The first thing to note is that fuel and its vapor are highly flammable. The most likely accident to happen at the pump is fire and explosion due to the nature of the substance.

To keep the engine running while filling up the gas tank is not advisable at all. While for those who pump the gas into a gas can, the container must not be put in or on the car. It has to be placed on the ground, instead. This is due to the fact that explosion can happen when there is a contact between the electrical wires with the (fuel) vapor.

The same thing is likely to happen when people use their cell phones, tabs, and other electronic devices at the pump. Simply put, fuel and electricity are not a good combination here. More convincing explanations regarding this fact can be found in the device manual books which state that it is not designed to be used in ignitable areas.

Smoking, lighting a cigarrette or a match, or littering the cigarrette butts in gas station area will also add up the risk of explosion. The reason is that, in this flammable zone, a tiny spark can ignite fire.
In addition to that, a simple activity, like getting in and out the car while refueling, can create static electricity which may unluckily lead to sparks then fire. When getting in and out is inevitable, touching the metal outer part of the vehicles (away from the tank) can reduce the risky chance.

Therefore, in regards to its nature to set things on fire, in this flammable zone, people are advised not to use their gadgets, smoke or produce any kind of spark or fire, do activities that can cause static electricity and, of course, to put down the gas can on the ground and turn off the engine before starting the gas pumping. Considering the safety risks, kids and teenagers who are not yet allowed to have a driving license must not be the one who pumps and holds the nozzle. This responsibility stays with the adults.

Apart from that, there might be other safety risks at the gas stations that may be caused other patrons and motorists. There is always a need to look around and make sure that there are no passing vehicles nearby coming your way. Recent accidents reveal that car crashes in or near the pump are likely to set the place on fire.

With hotter temperature and modern people’s focus on the gadgets, paying a three to five minute concentration when filling up the gas tanks can be a challenge. However, as long as the risks are taken into account, the challenge should not be that hard to overcome.

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