Updating prices

Once before and again today, I've tried to update prices. I had reported prices at 4 stations in the morning and when I went by the same stations again about 5 hours later, 3 / 4 had lowered their prices. When I entered the new lower price and submitted it, only one of the price changes showed up, the other two stayed the same. I tried several times with the same result.

Is there some kind of time frame within which you can't report changed prices?

Presently, you can old report 2 prices per station per day. The definition of a day though, is the UTC timezone version - so I am thinking you might have entered prices for these stations the previous day?

For people like you with a lot of points perhaps it would make sense to take out the limit.

I am interested in what other users have to say.

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Sometimes I'm out several times a day. I always keep track of prices while I'm out. If they change, I'd like to be able to update them.

I reported prices yesterday. This morning, prices had gone up, so I reported them again (8 am). When I drove by the same stations after lunch today, 3 / 4 had dropped their prices, so I wanted to update to the new prices.

When prices change almost daily or more than once a day, it's nice to know what the most recent prices are. That's why I really like the new feature of being able to list prices by most recent post. Around here, the only use for a two or three day old post is to tell you if prices are going up or down.

I agree with beans4gas. In Toronto the prices generally change in lockstep at midnight but I remember a few years ago we had daily price wars whereby prices would change every few hours. But I know in some locales like Niagara the prices can change in the middle of the day.

Unfortunately the price wars are behind us now, since 1) most independents were put out of business by these very same wars and 2) the refiners in Ontario now keep the supply much tighter.

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