Don't Top Off Your Gas Tank!


- Do you top off your gas tank and overfill it?
- When the gas pump nozzle clicks off automatically, do you add a little more gas to round off your dollar sale?
- Topping off your gas tank is bad for the environment and your wallet.

23K Administrator Moderator
I don't know of any fuel pumps around here that have a "vapor recovery" line. This must be a U.S. thing as is the EPA. However, cars have a vapour recovery line and overfilling (and spilling) could foul it.

The pump clicks off at full on my newer car. However, on my old Ford Escort the pump would sometimes stop 5 or 6 litres short of "full". For that car I ALWAYS topped it off so I could gauge my fuel economy more accurately. I hope I didn't offend the EPA.

p r n d l
It's not bad for the environment unless you over fill the tank. Sure gas fumes float into the air, BUT still do polluting exhaust fumes. And unless you spill the gas upon pumping it into the vehicle it MAKES ABSOLUTELY NO DIFFERENCE in cost. All pumps today have ATC applications that deliver accurate volumes, adjusted for temperature, and nozzles are designed to shut off prior to the overfill level