Drive Electric New York

Owning: Does an electric car work for me?
Owning a car in New York City is different than anywhere else on the planet: challenges like parking and congestion and alternatives like bicycling and public transportation mean that New Yorkers use their cars for unique patterns of travel. Some New Yorkers will be a better match for electric cars than others. The sections below can help you evaluate whether your home is a good candidate for adopting an electric car.

Will an electric car go everywhere I need it to go?
Despite its population, New York covers a relatively small area – an electric car could travel the 45 miles across the five boroughs and back again within a single charge. While extended range and plug-in hybrid electric cars can travel farther by refueling with gasoline, they provide the most benefits when operating gasoline-free.

When you get to where you’re going you can either plug-in using a normal outlet or find a nearby fast charger. A fast charger takes half as long as using a wall outlet.

Electric cars are designed to recharge every night at home rather than needing to travel to a gas station. Because of this, most drivers will start each day with a full charge. Electric cars also provide plenty of warning before their batteries are fully depleted. When the battery is nearly empty, many electric cars feature a “low power mode” that allows you to travel at a reduced speed to get to a safe place.

To help you understand whether an electric car would match your lifestyle, we asked real New Yorkers how an electric car would work for how they travel:

Only short trips
Lisa lives in Flushing and uses her car almost every day. She drives to shop for groceries, visit friends, and babysit her grandchildren.

All of these trips are less than thirty miles roundtrip.

She and her husband use their other car for their occasional longer trips.

Lisa’s match:
For her a pure electric car works well. The car’s 100 mile range is enough that she’ll practically always only need to charge at home. Because Lisa drives frequently, driving electric instead of gasoline will mean a big reduction in gasoline use.

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