Ford F-150 crowned king of road

Ford F-150 crowned king of road

Top truck: This American 4x4 takes honour of Truck of the Year; Dodge Ram second

The Truck-Guy’s 2013 Truck of the Year Competition is finished, and the winner is the 2013 Ford F-150 4x4.

The three 2013 vehicles were all very close and it was a tough decision.

The Chevy Silverado came in third with 43 points; the Ram 1500 second with 45 points and the Ford F-150 ended up with 50.

The fuel economy numbers were close and all models were a big improvement from where we used to be a few years ago in terms of consumption.

F-150 — 12.9/9.0 L/100km (City/highway)

Ram — 13.0/8.5 L/100km (City/highway)

Silverado — 15.0/11.4 L/100km (City/highway)

Styling is a tough category to judge because much is decided by personal bias. I scored the F-150 and the Ram the same because of the changes made to the 2013 model years. The Silverado is not slated for a body change until 2014.

Comfort is an important category since some of us will be spending most of our time behind the wheel of one of these trucks. It is also important to note the position of switches and knobs are important to driver comfort.

With this in mind, I scored the Chevy Silverado 9/10. Their interiors are very well thought out. Not only are the seats incredibly comfortable but the controls are easy to reach. The Ram and F-150 have nice interiors and the seats are comfortable but not to the extent of the Silverado. I also have some issues with the Ram that I mentioned before. The drive selector mounted on the dash is in a strange location and the manual shift buttons are far too small and close together.

Affordability is something everyone is interested in these days and I honestly have not seen full-sized 4x4 pickups going for the prices that are now. It is a great time to buy one and this is reflected in the popularity of these trucks.

Off-road capabilities is a category that may not be that important to people that are looking for a truck to use at work or just drive the family around in, but if you’re going to buy a 4x4 it is nice to know it is capable in getting you safely down any back road you may encounter.

I rated all trucks the same in this category because they all have their own unique capabilities. I do like the adjustable air suspension feature on the Ram, which gives you a little more clearance F-150 to get you away from logs and rocks that always seem to pop up and bite you.

Towing is critical for these pickups since 85 per cent of truck owners tow something at one time or another. I rated the F-150 at 10/10 but the other vehicles were close. The F-150 features a brake controller that works in conjunction with the trailer brakes and can automatically sense trailer sway and will adjust the trailer brakes side to side to compensate. The rear leaf springs help improve the ride quality when weighted down.