Gas Record: 1,000 Straight Days of Gasoline Priced Above $3 Per Gallon

Gas Record: 1,000 Straight Days of Gasoline Priced Above $3 Per Gallon

The national average price of gas surpassed $3 a gallon again on Sept. 17, meaning gas has been over $3 for 1,000 consecutive days.

"Paying less than $3 per gallon for gasoline may be automotive history for most Americans, like using eight-track tapes or going to a drive-in movie," said Bob Darbelnet, AAA president and CEO, in a press statement. "The reality is that expensive gas is here to stay."

Approximately 46 percent of adults feel gas is too high when it reaches $3 or more, according to AAA.

The U.S. Energy Information Administration predicted regular gasoline retail price averages of around $3.44 a gallon during the fourth quarter of 2013. This represents an 11 cent per gallon increase compared to last month.

The AAA Daily Fuel Gauge Report said this week that the average price for a gallon of unleaded gasoline is $3.51 compared to $3.86 in 2012. Gas prices on average have been over $3.50 a gallon for most days during the current streak, according to AAA.

The average household in the U.S. spent $2,912 on gasoline, or just under 4 percent of income, before taxes last year according to AAA.

Gas prices first started going over $3 a gallon around a week after Hurricane Katrina occurred back in 2005.

AAA called the current streak a milestone "no motorist is excited about."

How much do you think gas should be? Is the current price fair or do you wish it was lower?