“It is a small price to pay for 50 smiles” Two Abbotsford women ‘pay it forward’

“It is a small price to pay for 50 smiles” Two Abbotsford women ‘pay it forward’

Natalie McClendon Stephenson and Sherry Reimer like to pay it forward, and they hope they can inspire others to do the same thing.

The two women will be donating $50 of their own money to pay for the orders of perfect strangers getting their morning coffee today.

“It is a small price to pay for 50 smiles,” says McClendon Stephenson.

They will set up in the drive thru of the Sumas Way Tim Hortons in Abbotsford, and will put $2 toward each order for the first 50 people in the drive-thru. Tim Hortons is on board and will be matching the women’s contributions.

McClendon Stephenson says she often pays for other people’s orders on her own.

“There was one day when I was having a really rough day on a Friday, and I thought what makes you feel better is doing something kind for somebody else. That was one of the first times that I paid for the order behind me and kind of got addicted to it.”

She says she’s never stayed to see people’s reactions.

“It is kind of a part of giving. It is not giving to get something back. Because when you give to get, you may be disappointed. There is an expectation of a pat on the back. So for myself, I like to just give.”

Now, McClendon Stephenson wants to turn her personal drive into a movement that will hopefully encourage others to pay it forward too.

The two women plan to hold similar events in their community every four to six weeks.

But it won’t always involve money.

“It does not have to be about money. It could just be doing something nice for someone. So it will be something unique every time,” says Natalie.